Tuesday, May 18, 2010


5.17.10 - It was a beautiful spring day today. We were all outside basking in the sunshine and I thought I'd get the skirt guns. Andrew and I were squirting each other while Blake ran inside to stay dry. Little did we know he was filling up pitchers of water to drench us with. Yep, we were soaked. I love it. Summer is on its way.... can't wait!

5.16.10 -

5.16.10 - My dear friend Amy entered a photography contest I held last month and she was the winner of a free session and all images on a CD. I was so happy that she won because I know how badly she wanted it and what is more fun than taking pictures of your close friends who are like family. These two kids couldn't be any cuter either!


5.15.10 - It's our May Family Picture!! :-)


5.14.10 - Andrew has really been into coloring lately. Santa got him a big briefcase of markers, crayons, etc and he is definitely making good use of it.


5.13.10 - I made the big switch today for myphotography blog. I've heard such wonderful things about wordpress.org but also how much of a headache it can be. I have to say I was about ready to pull my hair out a time or two but I did it!! I learned more about technology than I care to know but hey it's done... whew.


5.12.10 - Yep. It snowed. We woke up to 4 inches on the ground. Not bad!! It's miserable out thought and supposed to be cold the next few days.


5.11.10 - It's supposed to snow tonight. Yes in May, AFTER Mother's Day. WHAT???? We planted a garden this past weekend so we had to protect the plants. They are calling for as much as 18 inches in some places.We'll see...


5.10.10 - Andrew is still in swim lessons and loving it. Had to snap a pic of his crazy hair with the iphone.


5.9.10 - It's my 5th Mother's Day! I am thankful everyday for this little boy who has made me a Mommy and shown me more unconditional love than I could have ever imagined. Today was a great day!


5.8.10 - We went to a cinco de mayo themed birthday party today for a friend. They had sombrero's and mustaches to play with. How cute is my little man?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


5.7.10 - Iron Man 2 is finally out! Andrew (we) have been waiting what seems like forever for this movie. It didn't disappoint, it was full of action and a great movie.


5.6.10 - We had a Muffins with Moms event at Andrew's preschool today and we were given these hand made portraits from the kids. I'm diggin my heart shaped nose. ;-)


5.5.10 - I had a session with another gorgeous high school Senior. The wind was crazy but we got some awesome shots!


5.4.10 - Andrew still loves to play Star Wars and "fight" Blake and I. Although I often end up being the one who gets hurt. For the record, I have no experience playing with a light saber. Nope we didn't have these when I was growing up.


5.3.10 - Wow, what a difference fresh milk makes. There are a few companies that delivery milk here and I've always wondered why people do this. It's a bit nostalgic and I was curious. Well today I was offered a free half gallon from Longmont Dairy. The milk comes in this nifty glass container.... no plastic! The cows are treated well, no hormones or antibiotics.
I still wasn't sure it would taste all that much different. So we did a taste test. Blake poured them while I was out of the room and I came back to guess which was which. Not even close. It was immediately obvious which milk was fresh from the dairy. The store bought milk had this nasty after taste. Anyway. Today is the day we buy fresh milk. :)


I had my first high school Senior photo session today. It went very well and I can't wait to do more!


Today was the Kentucky Derby! I've never been into the race much until last year when the horse came out of no where and won. How cool! So this year Super Saver won and the jockey is the same one who won last year. Apparently this is his third win. Wow!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


4.30.10 - I'm determined to take a family photo each month. Nothing fancy just us being us. This was Blake's idea and it was so much fun. We set the timer and had 10 seconds to get into place. We are such goobers. :-)


4.29.10 - It's been cold with flurries most of the day today. Having more crazy spring weather.


4.28.10 - They are learning all about spiders at preschool. Andrew brought home this spider hat and I just thought it was too cute to not take a pic of.


4.27.10 - Andrew and I had a little session today in honor of a hat we found on clearance. :-) I love this picture of him.


4.26.10 - My boy is on his way home! Can't wait to see him. :-)


4.25.10 - What does a Mommy do when she has the house all to herself? Have a little pampering time!