Sunday, July 4, 2010


7.3.10 - We had a BBQ with friends and I made these tasty treats.  Saw them on a blog somewhere and had to make them. So simple but they were a crowd pleaser.


7.2.10 - One step closer to having homemade beer. Yep, it's dark.


7.1.10 - Andrew backpack and lunch bag for Kindergarten arrived today!  He was so excited and immediately wore it around the house and checked out all the compartments.


6.30.10 -  Our garden is doing great so far!  I'm sure I'll miss out on it during July while we are gone but somehow I think I'll manage. :) 


6.29.10 -   Our sunset photo session! It was on our summer to do list and we decided to put a americana theme to it.  Andrew insisted on wearing his mask and batman glove.


6.28.10 -  Our monthly family picture for June.:)