Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 331

11.29.09- Blake and Andrew made these holiday paper chains and hung them outside of Andrew's door. He absolutely loves them and makes sure we duck before we go in his room.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 330

11.28.09 - I put the big tree up in the front room today. That thing sure does take a long time but I love looking at it. It's so bright and cheery. It does seem to go through the ceiling though!! maybe one year we'll by a new tree for the front room but it just never seems to be the right time. :)

Day 329

11.27.09 - Black Friday!! I met Jenny and Amy at Target early this morning and we shopped there for three hours!! We got lots of great deals and had a blast. I was so tired all day long though... I'm getting old. LOL

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 328

11.26.09 - We had Thanksgiving at the Goodman's house this year. The kids had so much fun playing with each other and really enjoyed the day. I couldn't think of better friends to celebrate the holiday with.

Day 327

11.25.09 - Today Blake and Andrew put the lights up on the house. Yeah!!!

Day 326

11.24.09 - Andrew had his Thanksgiving feast at school today. Each kid brought something to make a fruit salad. It was fun to be in his class and see how he interacts with the other kids and teachers. He's getting so big!!

Day 325

11.23.09 - Today I finally got my bootie back into the gym. It felt so good to work out again. I just have to keep going now!! It's so hard during the holidays.

Day 324

11.22.09 - After going to the tree lighting ceremony yesterday I was definitely in the mood for Christmas and pulled out all of my Christmas decorations and the tree for the basement.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 323

11.21.09 - We attended the tree lighting ceremony and Santa visit at Southlands. This year was so organized and they had much more than usual. There was a DJ and marching band, float, dancers, entertainers and of course Santa himself came riding up on an old fashioned fire truck. Okay, I'm completely ready for Christmas now!

Day 322

11.20.09 - Andrew got a new Wii game today from Auntie for his birthday. She was a little late in getting it out to him, she thought she may see us at Disneyland but it didn't work out. :( He was very excited to get a birthday gift a few weeks late!! It's Toy Story Mania - and is just like the ride we rode at California Adventure that he loved so much.

Day 321

11.19.09 - It doesn't get much better than left over birthday cake! (ice cream cake is even better)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 320

11.18.09- I was browsing through Barnes and Nobles and came across these little books. I've heard they were a lot of fun so I thought I'd give them a try. Andrew loves work books and learning new things. These are a bit different and more interactive. He got home from school and tore into them and didn't want to stop answer questions to go to the park. Yep, these are going to come in handy this winter!

Day 319

11.17.09 - Today is Blake's 34th Birthday!! He got home today from a 3 day trip so we had his favorite dinner ready for him (lasagna), gifts and a yummy coldstone cake. I got him some new pajamas and shirts and Andrew drew him a picture of him and Daddy and I got a frame from Halmark that has "my little masterpiece" engraved on the front.

Day 318

11.16.09 - Today Miss Kenleigh had to have surgery to fix her heart. They were trying to do it via a catheter to avoid open heart surgery but we did find out she was just too small for the catheter. They were able to get a better look at her heart by going down her esophagus. The good news is that her pulmonary hyper tension isn't as bad as they had originally thought. She does have 4 holes in heart though. My friend will find out more this the next week but they are planning on doing the next surgery the early part of December. The one thing I do know is that Kenleigh is a strong little girl and a fighter.

Day 317

11.15.09 - We got about 8 inches of snow overnight!! Andrew was so excited he could finally try out his new sled Daddy got him. Let me just say this thing hauls it down the hill. Once he figured out how to balance himself he was good to go.

Day 316

11.14.09 - I was part of a vendor fair today and I really wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't book any sessions but I didn't really expect too since the weather is starting to get so bad and most people like outdoor photos. I did meet about three potential clients who seemed very interested and I got exposure. So, hey that is good for me!

Day 315

11.13.09 - We got new front tires for my car today. The treads were gone and I needed them badly!!

Day 314

11.12.09 - Andrew had his first dental appointment today! After he was calmed down by reassuring him he was not getting a shot he actually enjoyed it. We went to a pediatric dentist which makes all the difference in the world. He played video games while we waited to be called back and then after his cleaning he got to pick two toys for behaving so well. Then he played video games while we waited for the consult from the dentist. He doesn't have any cavities but has a couple areas with plaque so we need to brush with some fluoride at night and then start flossing each night as well.

Day 313

11.11.09 - We had Andrew's parent teacher conference today and we have never been so proud of him! Upon sitting down they describe him as"EXUBERANT! He is so enthusiastic in class and full of joy. He does however need to work on staying in his space and not be so touchy with his friends. Apparently, he hugged and kissed the most reserved boy in class one day and it didn't go over so well. So, we are now working on him keeping to himself more at school. :)
Academically he is one of the top students in the class. They do an assessment test with numbers, letters, etc. He was one of the only kids to do a few items and the only child in the class to do one item. Which was sounding out all letters in a word. So, he is right on the cusp of reading.
They also told us he stays on task. For example, other kids at the table may be getting distracted and playing but he continues to do and finish his work. He also is very proud of his work. Everyday they come in and practice writing their name 3 times. Most kids do that and then go off running to play. He makes sure he shows the teacher he is finished and then goes and plays. He also participates in class discussions and lessons.
Again, we are so proud of you Andrew!!

Day 312

11.10.09 - We drove home this afternoon to find Cleitus in our front yard. He's been hanging out in the backyard for so long we were surprised to see him nibbling on some green up front. :-) (Yes, I realize it may not be Cleitus but he's really the right size and he is consistent on where he eats grass from. So, it has to be him!)

Day 311

11.9.09 - Today Andrew had an eye appointment to have his vision checked. Ever since his eye surgery to fix his esotropia they have kept an watch on his vision. Well, they say he does need glasses. His right eye is 20/100 and left is 20/50. We are going to get a second opinion though because he was so nervous through the entire exam and the office was so backed up we were completely rushed. Not a good experience at all. In fact, I doubt we go back.

Day 310

11.8.09 - Our house has been invaded with barbies and ponies and Andrew can't stop playing with them!! LOL The funny thing about it is that he will play with them with his little friend but the conversations the dolls have are hilarious. They are either fighting or finding bad guys or some other "boy" type thing.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 309

11.7.09 - Today we finished up moving our friend. Here Andrew is in the back seat surrounded by all this stuff. :) ps. I had my little camera with me and I have no idea what setting it was on but obviously the wrong one!

Day 308

11.6.09 - I had a session with a wonderful family today. Their children are absolutely beautiful and so fun to photograph. We played ring a round the rosy and london bridge is falling down. It was great!

Day 307

11.5.09 - Andrew has a new playmate. :)

Day 306

11.4.09 -

Day 305

11.3.09 - Andrew had his 5 year old check up yesterday actually but I forgot to take a photo of it so it will be today's photo of the day! He is very healthy and is still in the 95th percentile for height and weight. Atta boy!

The 4 shots we could have absolutely done without. Thankfully Blake was there because we both had to hold him down while they gave him the shots. He yelled and cried so hard he pop a couple blood vessels on his face. It was awful. Just awful. Thank goodness it's over!

Day 304

11.2.09 - We are back home and getting settled back in the swing of things. Andrew got a puzzle for Halloween and couldn't wait to put it together.

Day 303

11.1.09 - We are headed home today! We had a wonderful time at Disneyland and I know this will be a trip we will all never forget. It was so awesome to see Disney all over again through the eyes of a five year old.

Day 302

10.31.09 - Happy Halloween!! We had breakfast with the characters inside Disneyland and spend more time over in California Adventure, which is all done up for Halloween. We are having so much fun but are completely exhausted today so we made an early night of it. Andrew got to sleep at Papa & Nana's hotel and had a blast.

Day 301

10.30.09 - Today is Andrew's birthday and he is at Disneyland!! How cool is that? I love that wherever we go in the park, when he walks by the employees all say "Happy Birthday Andrew" it's the best!! A barber shop quartet sang him Happy Birthday in the ice cream shop, we rode more rides in Disneyland and spent the rest of the day at California Adventure. He had so much fun in the it's a bug life area. We had his bday dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Another long exhausting "but fun"day. ps. can't believe my baby is 5 years old!

Day 300

10.29.09 - Our first full day at Disneyland! We got in extra early before the park opened to the public and rode a ton of rides. Andrew's favorite by far is the rocket ride. We met up with Gaga, Aunt Connie, Nana and Papa for lunch. Came back to the park and went to Toontown, met lots of characters. On our way back to the hotel to get ready for Medieval Times we stopped by the "Star Wars - jedi training academy" and got there in time for Andrew to be picked for it!!! Awesome! We rushed to the hotel and took off for Medieval Times where Andrew was knighted. Seriously, how could we of had more fun today???

Day 299

10.28.09 - Our first day at Disneyland!! After fighting the snow storm in Denver and having to sit on the plane for 2 1/2 hours waiting to take off and missing our connection. We made it!!! We had a great first day. Saw Goofy when we checked into the hotel and headed over to the park to ride some rides. Then we had dinner with the characters and went back to the park for a few more rides. Andrew loved it all!

Day 298

10.27.09 - We woke up to this beautiful sunrise. Just breathtaking. I love the fall sunrises here.