Saturday, April 24, 2010


4.24.10 - Andrew and Blake took off this morning for their first trip to California without me. It was so weird to drop them off and drive home alone. I've been to CA with Andrew several times without Blake and he decided he would take him out there this time. Kind of a last minute decisision. Andrew was beyond excited. I think it's great they do things together without me. Even though I already miss Andrew (and Blake) like crazy. Not sure what I'm going to do in the morning when I don't hear his little feet running up behind my computer chair and him yelling "GOOD MORNING MOMMY!"
I did make him leave Doggie here so I could sleep with him. :-) The house sure is quiet.


4.23.10 - Crazy crazy weather the past two days!! Even for Colorado standards. Tornado's yesterday and white out conditions this morning. It was snowing hard for about two hours. Absolutely crazy.


4.22.10 - Happy Earth Day! We had a tornado warning today and had quite the scare at the gym. Thankfully it didn't touch down anywhere. Just a BIG thunderstrom with lots and lots of wind and hail. Hello tornado season. So nice (NOT) to see you again.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


4.21.10 - I scouted out a new location for a session I have on Sunday. Completely fell in love with this place and can not wait to take Andrew there!!


4.20.10 - Andrew is learning all about bugs in preschool. He has been bringing home the cutest art project like this ant made out of an egg carton. Preschool art is the best.


4.19.10 - Andrew and I went on an "adventure" this evening - aka took some pictures. This one is my fav. He just looks so sweet.


4.18.10 - Goodbye rain hello sunshine! It was a beautiful day today and so we spent it in the backyard pulling weeds and digging in the flower beds. Andrew found and played with roly poly's.


4.17.10 - It was a cold and gloomy day all day today. Loving this rain though.


4.16.10 - I love those nights when the sky is a midnight blue. Tonight was one of those nights along with a sky full of clouds.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


4.15.10 - Today was Andrew's first day of his basketball skills class. He absolutely loved it and did a great job following directions. It's so fun to watch him play and really enjoy what he is doing.


4.14.10 - Andrew has been doing a great job reading. A few months ago, I bought this teaching book that is phonics based and he is picking it up pretty fast. So proud of my little man. He loves books and he gets so excited when he can read the words.


4.13.10 - One of my photos was chosen for a Pioneer Woman's photography assignment. So excited!! Woot woot!!!!!!!


4.12.10- new swim school = new swim suit! :-)


4.11.10- Go Rockies!! Today we went to a Rockies game with the Goodmans. We had a day out without the kids and had a wonderful time. Plus the Rockies won!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


4.10.10 - Andrew got a new Iron Man shooter toy and he hasn't put it down all day. Here he is trying to annihilate poor Superman.


4.9.10 - Andrew's latest game is to shoot me with his nerf machine gun. He'll load it up and call me in the other room acting like he needs me. Then he attacks me with his bullets. This is what is left all over the floor...


4.8.10 - Andrew's preschool invited all the Dad's to spend the first hour of school with their children for a "Donuts with Dads" event. Blake said it was really cute. They even played a video they created of the kids talking about their Dads. Andrew was on the video once and they asked him what his Dad liked to watch on TV. His answer? "The news." LOL


4.7.10 - We woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground. Crazy! Considering it's been in the upper 60's and 70's all week. It was all gone by the afternoon though.


4.6.10 - Nothing like the sound of a Tinkertoy drum to make your headache go away!


4.5.10 - We've been letting Andrew dress himself at bedtime and I am loving the combinations he is putting together. Yes, his pants are more like capris but I swear this kid grows an each every single night! He is such a goofball too!


4.4.10 - Happy Easter! We spent Easter at the Goodman's and had a wonderful time hunting for eggs and visiting. Oh and in this pic, we told them whoever smiled the biggest would get the golden egg.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


4.3.10 - We dyed eggs today. Fun!! This year we went for a pure look and wanted to see how dark we could get some of the eggs. I think the orange was the winner.


4.2.10 - Andrew got Charlie (the bunny) in an easter basket from Gaga & Papa. He is super soft and cuddly much like Bongo and Doggie were when he first go them. He instantly decided he would sleep with him too. Oh Andrew you are just like your Mommy. My bed was crammed with dolls and stuffed animals when I was your age. :)


4.1.10 - It's now April and there are buds coming out everywhere. Bring it on spring!! I can't wait for all the green.


3.31.10 - Blake has been teaching Andrew how to tie his shoes and today while nobody was looking he did it! I heard this squeal in the other room and he yelled "Mommy, I did it!! I tied my shoe all by myself!" Definitely a milestone.What a big boy.


3.30.10- Blake finished up the bathroom today. Woo-hoo!! I love it.


3.29.10 - Andrew was so proud of himself today. He crossed the monkey bars the entire way!! I thought he was going to explode with excitement. Just a reminder to us all to celebrate the little things in life.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


3.28.10 - We got Andrew a mini basketball the other day because he loves to play it when we go to the gym but the balls are just too big there. We took off the basketball courts at the school today and tested out the new ball. He made it on the first try!


3.27.10 - It's hard to tell in the picture (should have taken the day after because the scabs were so obvious) but Andrew got his first rug burn. LOL


3.26.10 - It's my goal to take a family photo each month. Nothing fancy just a picture of the 3 of us being us. Shortly after this shot we all wrestled. Okay I gave up first but the boys pummeled each other.


3.25.10 - We had Andrew's parent teacher conference today. His teachers had such wonderful things to say about him and I couldn't be more proud of him. They said he takes direction very well and helps out other children in the classroom when they are having a hard time with an assignment. He is right where he needs to be for Kindergarten and more.
But the best praise they gave him was saying he was always in a good mood and always there with a smile on his face and ready to work. They love his attitude and said, "Andrew is just happy to be here and he absolutely loves life." I know it might be lame but it brought tears to my eyes. It's so nice to hear that your child is happy and thriving. I see it at home but it's awesome to know he's like that with others.


3.24.10 - We got about a foot of snow! It came down fast and didn't let up all night. Today we went sledding. Probably the last time this season.


3.23.10 - We had a big snow storm blow in early evening and this is what I saw when I looked out our front door. It was a beautiful sight. It's always so quiet and peaceful when it snows and to see these deer just roaming around was awesome.


3.22.10 - We are having beautiful spring weather! It was so warm today and yet we are expecting lots of snow tomorrow. Good bye bare feet hello snow boots.


3.21.10 - Today was Kenleigh's 1st birthday party!


It's the first day of spring!! There is lots of snow outside but it's quickly melting away. Hello spring.