Monday, June 28, 2010


6.27.10 - Brewing beer day!  I think what I love most about this picture is Andrew playing a game on Blake's iPhone.  Earth to Andrew.... come in Andrew!


6.26.10 - pedicure... check!  one more thing to mark off my maui check list.  Also had a fun day with girlfriends. :)


6.25.10 - Let the packing begin!  We are shipping our bags to Maui early and have begun packing our clothes.  It hasn't been much fun actually.... packing for a month in a small suitcase.


6.24.10- Andrew and I had a water balloon fight today. I have to say it's a lot of work filling up all those balloons and then poof! they are gone.  It was fun though!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


6.23.10 - Andrew's new favorite toy. I found a $25 gift card to Target that he got for his bday last year and we never used it. So,I let him pick out whatever he wanted. I was pushing for a new suit for Maui but how exciting is that to a 5 year old? So, he ended up with Iron Man. :)


6.22.10 - Andrew learned to snorkel today!! We took him to the pool at the gym and Blake taught him how to breathe underwater. He caught on immediately and was off! Can't wait for Hawaii!


6.21.10 - More work on splitting the scrapbook room and office up. Here is a before of the scrapbook room upstairs.... so much to do.


6.20.10- Happy Father's Day honey! We went on a beautiful hike today and had a great time. It really was the perfect day. :)


6.19.10 - Andrew got his snorkel gear today!!! He is so excited and can't wait to try it out.


6.18.10 - Andrew started out sleeping with Bongo (monkey) when he was about 15 months old. Then we moved to CO and he got Doggie from a friend and he added him to his night time schedule. It's been that way for awhile but over the past few months this kid has added three more animals to his bed. The latest of which is Giraffie... which he's had before he was born but just never got into him. The other two are Charlie (rabbit given to him by Gaga and Papa for Easter this year) and Squirt the Snake we got at the zoo a few months ago. The best part is he'll come downstairs in the morning carrying them all in his arms. (This particular day he left Charlie and Squirt upstairs for some reason.) I love this kid!


6.17.10 - Ugh.... what a mess! Today I started moving my scrapbook stuff upstairs to the empty spare bedroom upstairs. Having my scrapbook stuff, photography stuff and office stuff in one room was just overwhelming and the room was NEVER clean! This is the before...


6.16.10- slip n slide time! We had a wonderful summer day spent with best buddies.


6.15.10 - Cleitus is a Daddy! Blake spotted this tiny baby rabbit in our backyard and Andrew named him Tom.


6.14.10 - Andrew has been into building "houses" lately.


6.13.10 - tonight we read out bedtime story by flashlight. bedtime has never been so fun!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


6.12.10 - Rain, rain and more rain. It drizzled most of the day and was perfect for playing in and a great excuse for Andrew to use his umbrella.


6.11.10 - Another BIG storm came through today.This time it has tornado warning attached to it but thankfully nothing ever came of it in our area except this beautiful rainbow. this picture seriously doesn't even do it justice. It was so bright and close I really wanted to walk over there and touch it!


6.10.10 - Andrew has been using my Rebel lately to take pictures around the house. You gotta start em young right? I was pretty impressed with his composition and focus on this one! ;-)


6.9.10 - Andrew has really been wanting to make Jello (not sure where it came from) so today we made strawberry jigglers. There is just something fun about eating jello with your fingers.


6.8.10 - our late spring storms are here! I love this time of year. It gets warm in the morning and by late afternoon the clouds roll in and it pours then it all moves out and the sun comes out again.


6.7.10 - Andrew rode his first waterslide today and he absolutely loved it!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


6.6.10 - I caught Andrew sword fighting his shadow this morning. I love capturing him in his own little world. :)


6.5.10 - Andrew and Blake are now both obsessed with a video game on the iPhone. They played it for over an hour. :)


6.4.10 - It's been so warm here and summer has definitely arrived. Nothing screams summer like playing in the sprinklers. :)


6.3.10 - Look what showed up on my doorstep today! Beautiful flowers!! Thank you honey (my closet romantic.) I love them.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


6.2.2010 - I found out today one of my pictures won a contest by Millers Lab. It's the same client as last year!! Sweet Miss Kenleigh.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


6.1.10 - Andrew has really gotten into playing with his Transformers again and he and Nana played with them for hours and renamed them all. Some pretty obvious... (white jet) others not so much.... grandma? What?


5.31.10- I'm 36 years old!! We took a drive into Estes Park and in the Rocky Mountain National Forest on Trail ridge Road. The views were absolutely breathtaking and it was like we were on top of the world at over 12,000 feet. It was a wonderful day!!


5.30.10 - Went out for Date night while Nana is in town. For the record, we know we are dorks and we are proud of it. :)


5.29.10 - Met up with a couple of my best girls for lunch and shopping. So much fun!


5.28.10 - It's graduation day! They had a luau theme at school and each graduate received a lei when their name was called. Andrew was so proud!


5.27.10 - Andrew very last day of Preschool! I can't believe how much he has changed.


5.26.10 - I couldn't find my photo for today so I'm using one from yesterday. I love this one of Andrew on the merry go round.


5.25.10 - Andrew's preschool class went to the Zoo today. We had a fun day with his classmates. The weather was perfect too! no more wind.


5.24.10 - wind wind go away come back..... NEVER!! So so so tired of this wind.


5.23.10 - We spent the day with friends and I had to snap a couple pictures of adorable Nikki!!


5.22.10 - Andrew and I had a slumber party tonight. We ended up sleeping upstairs in our bed instead of the couches in the basement. Andrew has been wanting to sleep in our bed for awhile now. He loved sleep for me though. :) It was a lot of fun though!


5.21.10 - Shrek Ever After came out today! It was a great movie. I my favorite of all the Shreks.


5.20.10 - It's the spectacular spiderman! (who needs a new costume... at least I can't say he didn't use it!)


5.19.10 - We had playgroup at our house today and I had to capture how Miss Kenleigh says hi.


5.18.10 - Andrew still loves to wear his underwear around the house.... just couldn't resist getting a pic of this.