Wednesday, September 22, 2010


9.21.10 - Andrew lost his first tooth!  He woke up and it was laying under his tongue.  Yuck!  He was so excited. 


9.20.10 -  Fall is on its way.  The leaves are starting to turn and the mornings are brisk.  Yes!  My favorite time of year is just around the corner.


9.19.10 -  Andrew and his friends stil love to dress up!


9.18.10 -  We are enjoying the last days of summer with water fights.  Andrew played with his friend while Blake drenched them with a bucket of cold water. 


9.17.10 - Tonight we set up some comforters and pulled out the sleeping bag and star gazed out on our back patio. Blake iPad has this awesome application that shows you were all the planets and stars are when you hold it up to the sky. Pretty amazing stuff.


9.16.10 -  We celebrated our 10 year anniversary today! I couldn't imagine my life any other way. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


9.15.10 - Blake spent all day painting and then the poor guy had to paint more tomorrow.  The blue in the bathroom was awful.  It was supposed to be a light gray blue and it was like neon baby blue.  I know blues can be difficult but this looked nothing like the  sample!!  So, we went with a darker  gray blue and I love it!!


9.14.10-  Here is the before picture of my sad little office. We are painting it and moving things around.  Can't wait to show the after!


9.13.10 - Andrew loves to play on this exercise ball out on the grass and I just happened to capture this mid air shot of him jumping on the ball.  I love it!


9.12.10 - It's starting to look like fall around our house. I pulled out my decoration before my parents arrived and I have to say I can't wait for the cooler weather to get here! The pumpkins and pumpkin spice candle has me wanting to throw a sweater on.


9.11.10 -  Sadly Papa and Gaga have to go home today but Gaga made sure she left us with full tummys.  Andrew loves her chocolate gravy and biscuits.. well so do Blake and I.  We had them twice this week!  YUM-O! 


9.10.10 -  Yet more rough housing out back.  Andrew is having the time of his life. It's wonderful to see him and Papa play like this.


9.9.10 - Another great family session with a gorgeous family!


9.8.10-  Andrew has really been into building amazing things with his tinker toys.  Love his imagination.


9.7.10 - more rough housing in the backyard.  Andrew just can't get enough!


9.6.10 -  We took a short drive up to Idaho Springs and walked around the small old town area.  They have this really cool train that we just had to get a picture by.  If you can believe it, I forgot to bring my camera but thankfully Dad remember his. :)


9.5.10 -  Andrew and Papa were chasing and "fighting" each other in the backyard tonight.  We are enjoying their visit so much!


9.4.10 -  Papa & Gaga arrived today!! Andrew has been counting down the days since we told him.  He is so excited!!!


9.3.10 - pajama day at school!!


9.2.10 -  more beautiful weather today and Andrew and I spent an hour or so outside before bedtime.  Seems these days during the week we are consumed with school.  Pretty soon it will be dark early and we won't have those late summer nights to enjoy.


9.1.10 -  Busy, busy, busy.  I had a senior session this evening.  The perfect weather and light! Not to mention a gorgeous model. :)


8.31.10 -  I've been hit with a massive head cold and just want it all to go away.  come to find out the only sinus medicine that works for me is on recall and now on back order. UGH!!   we went to three stores and nothing.  this sad little box was in my medicine cabinet with just a few pills.  i hope this cold goes away fast.


8.30.10 -  I had a "procedure" a few days ago and have been soooooooooooooo nauseous!  yuck.  (come to find out it wasn't from my procedure but what I think was a bad bug bite. yikes!)


8.29.10 - I had a family session this evening with most wonderful family.  I left the session with a full heart and so happy.  All the way home I was on cloud 9 and confirmed how much I love my job.


8.28.10 -  just making an effort to take more pics of Andrew and I together.  i love my boy.