Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 297

10.26.09 - Andrew and I put together our very first Lego today!! I've never done one before and I have to say these things take some patience. I was pretty good for the first hour or so and then after that I was checking to see how many more steps this baby had left. My nephew used to be really into these things and I hope Andrew is too.
It's so much better than a video game!

Day 296

10.25.09 - We had a low key day today and just had Chase and Nikki over for some playtime. Andrew and Chased dressed up in Andrew's new costumes and played with all the new toys. It was cold and yucky out so it was nice for Andrew to have someone to play with.

Day 295

10.24.09 - Today was Andrew's 5th Birthday party!! It was so much fun and he had a blast with all of his friends. We had a full house for sure but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Day 294

10.23.09 - It's been crazy around here getting ready for Andrew's bday party tomorrow. I made up these goody bags for the kids and was pretty proud of myself. :-) hee hee

Day 293

10.22.09 - Today was Andrew's last day of school before the fall break and they had a little harvest party at school. I made up these little treat buckets for his teacher's. He LOVED them and couldn't wait to give them to his teachers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 292

10.21.09 - It snowed all day today and we ended up with about 6 inches. It was that nice wet snow, perfect for snowballs and snowmen. Also great for a Spiderman Snowman. :)

Day 291

10.20.09 - Really!!! I'm done with all of the capes. 22 capes later. I'm done. (wait I already said that) My friend Adela came over this past Sunday and we had an assembly line and just knocked them out. I had to make 4 more and I just made myself sit down and do them today. Ohhh... it feels so good!

Day 290

10.19.09 - I was beyond excited today to learn this photo of Andrew was chosen to be displayed on the Pioneer Woman's blog!!! Yipee!! I love her site and she always has so many great photos on there so I was shocked to see mine was chosen and felts so flattered.

Day 289

10.18.09 - Today I took Andrew's 5 year photos. I have been going crazy with sessions lately but I had to get it done before all the leaves were gone. We've been having cold snap after cold snap and before too long it will look like winter around here. He was such a ham and I got some wondeful shots.

Day 288

10.17.09 - I had a session this evening with my friend Adela and her little girl Lily. It was an awesome session and they looked amazing. Again, so many photos to go through and edit. I'm looking forward to it!!

Day 287

10.16.09 - We took our family pictures today in hopes of getting one for our Christmas card. I haven't begun to go through all the pictures but when I saw this one I knew I had to edit it. Andrew and I were running towards the camera and being goof balls. Something we both are great at. ;)

Day 286

10.15.09 - I had a GREAT family session this morning. This little girl loved the camera and was so much fun to photograph.

Day 285

10.14.09 - I made my first cape for Andrew's bday party!!

Day 284

10.13.09 - This isn't just a tootsie pop. This actually has meaning. It means I got a new photo shipment in. The print lab I go through sends one with each order. I have so many of these suckers around the house it's not even funny. I decided to take a picture of it today because I'm trying to figure out what my something special is that I give to my clients. I saw on someone's blog that they send cupcake in a jar with each order. So cute! But these cupcakes have to be eaten in a certain amount of time. Not sure I like that part. Someone else gives their favorite candy or fresh cookies with each order. Don't think I could do that either. So, here I am left thinking how do I set myself apart from other photographers? How do I leave the best last impression I possibly can with my clients to keep them coming back and to also refer me. Hmm....

Day 283

10.12.09 - Andrew and I hung out with friends this evening. We got the kids together to watch Snow White but they ended up just running around the house and playing. Everytime Andrew goes to a girls house he without fail ends up in a princess dress. This time however, he decided to be a unicorn! LOL I love this about him, he just wants to dress up and loves to make others laugh. That's my boy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 282

10.11.09 - Adela and I went downtown to scout out some parks for our upcoming photo session and we couldn't resist snapping some pictures of the kiddo's. For sure Cheesman park and Wash park are among my favorites.

Day 281

10.10.09 - more snow today! We got about an inch of snow and it was beyond cold outside all day long. We bundled up and headed out for some fun. Andrew continued his snowball throwing from two days ago. His aim is getting better and better. I am really looking forward to getting a bunch of snow this winter. Andrew will really be into this year and it's so fun to see how much joy the snow brings him.

Day 280

10.9.09 - Blake has been working so hard on the basement the past few days. He gets home from work and then goes downstairs to work more. Poor guy. But it does look great! The trim is up and painted in the living room area. He has to paint the bead board column and the rest of the baseboard in the basement and it's done!

Day 279

10.8.09- We got snow today!! Andrew begged to go outside and play in it and of course threw snowballs at me. There wasn't much to work with but somehow he managed. :-)

Day 278

10.7.09 - I finally got around to hanging all the new pictures on my front living room wall!! While I love it. I have to admit the one of Andrew in his cape is a bit big. One day he is going to kill me for taking that picture of him but his wife will be giggling hysterically.

Day 277

10.6.09 - No I'm not making a Snow White costume. I got this material to make capes for Andrew's superhero party and now I am just left with wondering "What was I thinking?" Do I sew? Uh. let me ponder this for a bit. NO! Have I ever sewn? Well, yes. I used to sew on paper all the time and I did make an apron once. But, the apron just about threw me over the edge because I was not patient at all. Yet, here I sit with all of this fabric and not sure what to do. Hopefully in a week or so from now there will be another post saying "I DID IT!" Hmm....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 276

10.5.09 - I finally pulled out our Halloween decorations! Usually I pull out fall decoartions the first week of September but I'm a little late this year.

Day 275

10.4.09 - We made mini pumpkin pies today. Yum-O! Thanks Bakerella for always coming up wtih the cutest creations!

Day 274

10.3.09 - Andrew helped Blake prime the walls down in the basement today. Blake actually primed and put two coats of paint on the walls today. He has been working hard to get it all done. We started this project in February and are both ready for it to be D O N E!! I'm sure him more than me since he's done most of the work. :-)

Day 273

10.2.09 - This morning we went to the library with friends and got a ton of new books to read. Andrew just loves for me to read to him and has really been into sounding words out for himself and trying to read. He's getting so big!

Day 272

10.1.09 - Andrew and I went to the Wild Life Experience with friends today and had a great time. They have a new Globology exhibit that has 8 different climate zones and the kids even got to pet a real snake!

Day 271

9.30.09 - The sunrise this morning was breathtaking. Seriously how can you not have a great start to your day when you see this outside?

Day 270

9.29.09 - We have walls again in our basement! Yes we had walls before but to make a REALLY long story short we took down the beadboard and had to sheetrock again. They did it in about 3 days with hardly any mess. YESSSSSSSSSSS!