Saturday, March 20, 2010


3.19.10 - 70 degrees during the day and snow that night. We woke up to lots of snowing falling this morning and it continued all day long. There was a break in the middle of the day and we ventured outside to burn off some energy. Here come all the lovely spring snow storms!


3.18.10 - Andrew has really been into coloring this week. Especially his little Einstein pages.


3.17.10 - Happy St. Patty's Day!! I hung out with this little dude for the night.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


3.16.10 - Today I made some Easter treats for Andrew's classmates errrr... I mean "peeps"!


3.15.10 - Andrew brought home and invitation to a Donuts with Dads event they are having at his school. How cute!!


3.14.10 - Andrew had his very first babysitter this afternoon!! Really. His first. I came home to this dinosaur picture they drew together. He had a great time and was more than excited to have Morgan come over and "play" with him.


3.13.10 - Daddy lets fight!! I can never have enough pictures of these two wrestling.


3.12.10 - I had a mini session with Andrew today. He's such a trooper and is still my favorite subject to photograph. :)


3.11.10 - I had been upstairs cleaning and this is what I found when I came back down the stairs. Andrew watching Batman with his mask on. Too cute!! He was so into the show he never even saw me crawling in front of him to get this photo.

Friday, March 12, 2010


3.10.10 - Thought I would include my quote from Wisdom Wednesday on my blog. It has a lot of meaning right now. Making peace with something that has frustrated and angered me the past few months. Just. letting. it. go.


3.9.10 - Andrew is learning all about weather this month in school. He brought home a wind sock today and since it wasn't too windy out he made his own.


3.8.10 - Gotta love self timer shots. I'm vowing to be in more pictures this year and if this is how I have to be in them. So be it! Double chins and all. :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


3.7.10 - Meet Andrew "the worm collector" Wilson. Seriously, this kid is obsessed with them right now. If we are outside he is looking and digging for worms.


3.6.10 - We went on a hike today at Roxborough Park. It was a beautiful day and just too perfect to stay inside. Some of the trail was muddy from the melting snow but that just made it more fun for Andrew.


3.5.10 - We saw Alice in Wonderland today!! Andrew's been waiting a long time to see this movie and was so excited we were going. We went with our movie buddies the Goodmans. :-)


3.4.10 - A beautiful day outside today! Andrew cracked open his toy box and sandbox and played outside for hours!! Yippee! Spring is on the way.


3.3.10 - Andrew brought this chalk art home from school today. It's a rocket, mouse, star and the moon. I love his creativity!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


3.2.10 - This was Andrew last night. He hasn't played on the computer much lately so we was completely involved in his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse games and using the keyboard to type on an open word document.


3.1.10 - I loved this book of poems when I was a kid and now it's Andrew's favorite. We read several poems before bed each night and he always says. We'll read more tomorrow, right?
We had a few books by this author given to us when he was really young. I pulled them out and he is hooked and wanted to get more by written by him. There is another poem book Light in the Attic we'll have to get for him. Maybe it'll show up in Easter basket. :-)


2.28.10 - This is the color we (Blake) painted our master bathroom. Cayenne. Sounds spicy huh?? LOL


2.27.10 - This a before pictures of our master bath. Blake is painting the walls and the cabinets!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. This bath has been so sterile and I know the paint is going to liven the place up!


2.26.10 - Chore charts get started there and last a few weeks and then we forget about them. When I saw this responsibility chart I knew it would be perfect and I'm hoping we'll stick to this one. It's much more interactive and colorful than my lame print out chart. So far he loves being able to see what he's accomplished for the day and what he has left. Plus it came with a bunch more chores that you can swap out if you want to concentrate on something else the next week.


2.25.10 - I've been working hard to update and redesign a new blog and website for my photography business. I love doing this kind of work but I will be so happy when it's done!!


2.24.10 - Andrew came home with all of his vday treats and notes from his classmates. His comment when we were going through all the goodies? "Everyone loves me a lot. Don't they Mommy?" Yes buddy you are a well loved boy. :-)