Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 148

5.28.09 - Day 2 of a 7 day pass to a gym. This gym was fantastic and the child center area was amazing. Andrew couldn't stop talking about it and wanted to go back today. They have a computer station, big play area inside and outside, an indoor playstructure with tunnels and a kid size gymnasium with a basketball court. What's not to like?

I decided to take a spin class today... What was I thinking??? It was brutal and I was so spent afterwards. My butt is sore from the seat and my quads are like mush. Guess it worked. ;-)

Day 147

5.27.09 - Super Cool. LOL Andrew found these glasses and has been wearing them for most of the day.

Day 146

5.26.09 - Andrew getting some playtime in with Daddy before he leaves for the rest of the week. Hurry back Daddy before Mommy gets beat up too much! ;-)

Day 145

5.25.09 - Happy Memorial Day! Today we went to the Lee's house for a BBQ and to celebrate the holiday with our playgroup friends. We had a wonderful time and all of our husbands finally met one another. :-)

Day 144

5.24.09 - Andrew has been over the moon excited that Nana is visiting. Here are there reading books. One of his favorite things to do.

Day 143

5.23.09 - Today I had a family session and reshoot for little Alexis. She was in a much happier mood today! We got some great shots and I just love this one of her blowing bubbles. So precious.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 142

5.22.09 - Bubbles!! We were shopping at Gymboree and I saw they had their bubbles and snatched them right up. These are the best bubbles in the world and the bubble blower is great because it makes tons and tons of bubbles. Highly recommened...

Day 141

5.21.09 - Nana is here!! Nana flew in today and surprised Andrew. He was so excited he didn't know what to do with himself. :-)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 140

5.20.09 - My very first maternity session! A person I know from my MOMS club kindly offered to be my model. She was absolutely perfect too. Wonderful to work with and she just glowed. It was hard to take a bad photo of her. Thanks Hannah!

Day 139

5.19.09 - Blake worked on finishing the basement trim today and Andrew was his little helper just long enough for me to snap a photo. He wasn't very excited about the noisy gun.

Day 138

5.18.09 - We have been getting a few spring thunderstorms. I love this time of year. It gets warm and then around 2 p.m. the cloud cover comes in and you might get a sprinkle or a downpour. You just never know! The sky looked awesome around sunset. I was told by my weather geek of a husband it's a cummulus mamma cloud. Mamma because it looks like mammary glands. Huh...

Day 137

5.17.09- We had the Stranskys and Goodmans over for a BBQ today. The weather has been sooooo beautiful and I'm so excited it's BBQ season again. The kids, as usual, had a great time. They got her, got dressed up in their costumes and pretty much stayed in them the whole time. Ahh.. to be a kid again.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 136

5.16.09 - It doesn't take much to entertain us. Just a $1 wind up robot from Target (love that dollar section!) and my camera. When did Saturday nights get this simple?

Day 135

5.15.09 - Blake finished my garden planter box today!! Isn't it beautiful?? ;-) We are going to grow 3 different types of tomatoes, squash and basil. Andrew is so excited to eat the veggies we will grow.

Day 134

5.14.09 - Andrew tried edamame for the first time today and really liked it. This kid is usually so predictable and only like mac n cheese and corn and PB & J's. He is starting to venture out and try new things. It's so funny because he'll taste a tiny bit and get a huge smile on his face and yell "MOMMY I LIKE IT!!!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 133

5.13.09 - It's passed Mother's Day and we can finally plant flowers!! Andrew and I actually planted our pots yesterday but we went out to check on them today and they are doing great! Andrew picked this plant out and is pretty proud of it. :-)

Day 132

5.12.09 - Yes, I headed back down to Southlands to get more shots of the beautiful tulips. How precious does Miss Nikki look? I love her bottom lip sticking out and what I wouldn't do to have those eyelashes!

Day 131

5.11.09 - Andrew is really getting a personality and is very independent anymore. HELP! Here he is showing us his silly personality. He is such a goof ball! He comes by it honestly though. Yes, honey I mean you. :-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 130

3.10.09 - Happy Mother's Day! We took Andrew to his first baseball game today. It was so much fun and Andrew had a great time. Perfect way to spend Mother's Day!

Day 129

5.9.09 - Happy Mother's Day weekend! My friend Adela and I took off for the afternoon to get pampered with a manicure and a pedicure. Fun!! Then we just chatted and shopped the rest of the day.

Day 128

5.08.09 - Today was another beautiful spring day so we finally pulled out Andrew's water paintball gun Nana & Papa sent him for Easter. What a mess!!! But, Andrew did have fun chasing after me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 127

5.07.09 - I have the best job in the world (did I just say I have a job? wow) This is 4 month old Alexis. She is like a little doll. Such a pretty little girl.

Day 126

5.06.09- Andrew made me a cute little flower pot at school for Mother's Day. Homemade gifts are the best.

Day 125

5.05.09 - All of the playgroup kids got together this afternoon for a fun craft and to of course... play!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 124

5.4.09 - Spring flowers are finally blooming here!! Andrew and I headed over to Southlands to get some photos of the hundreds of red tulips that are blooming there. It really makes me want to plant blubs this next year. I keep saying I'm going to but never do!

Day 123

5.3.09 - Andrew helped Blake change the oil in both the cars today. He had so much fun and thought he was such a big boy. Blake even gave him his own mini screw driver. He was in heaven.
I think it's so great Blake does things like this with Andrew. Of course, it was either clean inside with Mommy or use tools in the garage with Daddy. Hmmm... not a hard decision for a 4 year old boy!

Day 122

5.2.09 - Just a fun picture of Blake flipping Andrew over his shoulder. Most nights this is where you'll find us, just hangin out in the living room.

Day 121

5.1.09 - The NBA playoffs are going on right now and we have been watching basketball just about every night over the past week. The games have been super close with lots of OT. Basketball is definitely my favorite sport to watch. Reminds me of all the games I went to when we lived in Sac. :-( I miss those days!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 120

4.30.09 - It was a beautiful spring day today. The grass is gettting greener, the birds are out, the sun is shining and bunnies are running around the yard. I love this time of year!! We spent some time in the backyard. The boys rolled down our grass hill and wrestled with each other while I got some photography practice in. ;-) I love doing portraits but snapshots are the best.

Day 119

4.29.09 - Andrew is very much interested in how everything is spelled. Mommy how do you spell book? door? window? So we picked up a few workbooks on "site words" that help kids to read. He loves doing the workbooks. After he finishes a page he'll say "Mommy, I'm so smart!" Nothing wrong with having some great self esteem, right? LOL