Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 269

9.28.09 - Andrew and I were having some fun being silly this afternoon and I was doing all I could to make him laugh to capture the moment. Mission accomplished.

Day 268

9.27.09 - Andrew and I attended the Step up for Down Sydnrome Walk on behalf of my friends baby Kenleigh. The fundraiser was a huge success and the day was so much fun. It's so great to be with friends and support a great cause like this.

Day 267

9.26.09- We went down to Oktoberfest today and while we were less than impressed with the festival we did try a new beer and Andrew got to do a beanbag toss and ride the bungee trampoline. It did make me want to travel to downtown more often, the parks are absolutely beautiful down there.

Day 266

9.25.09 - It's definitely feeling like fall around here. It's been especially cold this past week and is supposed to warm up for the weekend. I've been burning my pumpkin spice candle and really wanting to get out my decorations. I just have not had the time because I've been editing so many photos but this next weekend I plan to set aside some time to do it with Andrew. Nothing says fall like a bunch of pumpkins around the house!

Day 265

9.24.09 - Andrew was the Fantastic Friend of the week at school. See photo for all the details. :-)

Day 264

9.23.09 - Check out Andrew's brag board! I am so impressed with his new school. He brings home art projects and papers everyday. I also love the little bears they send home with a positive message each week. I'm planning on saving them all and create a mini book at the end of the year.

Day 263

9.22.09- Andrew got to ride the Fun Bus at school today!! Last week he came home very upset because he didn't get to ride it. Theypark the darn thing right in front of the school and all of his friends when to ride it and he wasn't signed up. Now I'm feeling like a bad Mommy but I didn't know it would be right in front for everyone to see and it's an extra fee each month. But, we made an agreement with him that if he does his chores around the house he gets to go on the Fun Bus. So, far he is doing great and does the chores without question. Hey why didn't we think of this sooner??

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 262

9.21.09- I can't tell you how upset I am about missing all of these pics of the days. But hey at least I'm journaling, right? It's bound to happen sometime or another. I've just been so good all year and I took pictures, I just deleted them!!! UGH

Day 261

9.20.09 - We had a little storm blow in this afternoon and we got a fun surprise at the end - a double rainbow! Gorgeous! Tomorrow we are supposed to get a cold front moving in... Brrrr

Day 260

9.19.09 - We spent some time out in the front this afternoon blowing bubbles and visiting with our neighbors. Who we found out is pregnant again!! I'm so excited for them!

Day 259

9.18.09 - Another perfect day in Vail. We decided to sit poolside for a few hours this afternoon and have a drink. We were imagining we were in Maui for a bit. Not that Vail isn't nice but well Maui is just heaven.

Day 258

9.17.09 - Watch out Vail the James sisters have arrived. LOL Seriously this photo just absolutely cracks me up. My sister is as crazy and silly as I am and I love it.

Day 257

9.16.09 - It's our 9 year wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary honey. Tonight we went out for dinner and played a little pool. Thanks sis for watching Andrew for us. Again - the pic of the day is MIA. not sure what happened to these 3 days of pics.

Day 256

9.15.09 - Pic of the day is MIA, still trying to hunt it down. :-(

Day 255

9.14.09 - Pic of the day is MIA/ still trying to hunt it down. :-(

Day 254

9.13.09 - One of my favorite family photos to date. This was a great session and we captured a lot of great shots!

Day 253

9.12.09 - Auntie is in town!! She is going to be here all week. How fun!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 252

9.11.09 - I thought about putting a photo up of a flag or a photo of the twin towers in NY or some other symbol that is often related to 9/11 but when I saw this photo of my friends daughter I took while at her house I knew it would be my picture of the day. The look of wonder in her eyes and innocence is so precious. I do pray for all of those people who lost family and friends on this day 8 years ago but see this photo as one of the reasons everyone moves forward. For our children.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 251

9.10.09 - Andrew's teachers sent this little note home with him today. That's my boy! :-) He really does have great manners and it's so nice to hear others say that about him. It's so important for our kids to treat others with respect and to be kind.

Day 250

9.09.09 - Bummer!!! We've been watching this watermelon grow bigger each day just waiting for it to get big enough to pick and eat it. We are having a cold front move in a few days so I though we better go ahead and pick it. When I sliced it open Andrew said "BUMMER!" No kidding kid.
I loved having a cooler summer this year but our garden did not like it so much. :-(

Day 249

9.8.09 - Andrew's first day of Junior Kindergarten. Wow, he was so excited and just couldn't wait to get to school. He thinks he is so big with his backpack. He's killing me! Thank goodness we have one more year until Kindergarten.

Day 248

9.7.09- Tomorrow is Andrew's first day of Jr. K and I wanted him to take something nice to his teachers. I haven't created anything in so long. It was fun to get out the paper, glue, stamps, scissors and sewing machine again!

Day 247

9.6.09 - Andrew had a very fun playdate today. He played with two of his favorite girls Lily and Rhegan. They are so cute together. There were so many great photos of the day (Andrew in his tutu, the kids playing with roly poly's) but I love this photo because the look of determination on Rhegan's face is priceless. To get them to turn around we told them the icecream man was outside. :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 246

9.05.09 - Andrew loves taking his baths. He likes to hold his breath and just listen to the sounds under the water. I remember doing that as a kid.

Day 245

9.4.09- This picture pretty much sums up today. I spent the afternoon in a fog and slept for 14hours. LOL (I blacked out some info because I don't want too much info on the internet.)

Day 244

9.3.09 - Today Andrew had his meet and greet for his new preschool. His new teachers are Miss Marilyn and Miss Amy. He had a nice time meeting his new teachers and some new friends as well. There are 14 kids in his class and 12 are boys!! LOL He just can't wait to start on Tuesday.

Day 243

9.2.09 - We had our weekly playgroup at the spray grounds this afternoon. The kids had a blast running in the water and just running basically. Such a great group of kids.

Day 242

9.1.09 - Andrew desperately needed a hair cut. This boy's hair is so thick and just gets bushy when it's long. I love him with a fresh hair cut. He's so handsome. (Besides the chest of hair Daddy thought would be funny to give him.)

Day 241

8.31.09 - Nana bought Andrew a slinky today. Target has a ton of retro toys and this was one of them. Who doesn't remember having a slinky when they were a kid? A must have toy.

Day 240

8.30.09 - Blake hooked the Wii back up and Andrew can't stop playing it. He loves playing mario cart. I love how serious he gets when he plays. He takes these big breaths when he's in the middle of the game. Too funny!

Day 239

8.29.09 - We spent some time in the backyard this evening. I know these warm summer nights will soon be ending and we'll be bundled up playing outside. No more shorts, bare feet or green grass. Fall will be here soon.

Day 238

8.28.09 - Today I had the honor of phtographing a military promotion. A friend of mines husband was promoted to Major. It was a great day and I captured some nice moments.

Day 237

8.27.09 - The phrase of the day was... "I can not believe Andrew did that!" We took a drive up to Vail with Nana and Papa and went to the top of the mountain on the gondola. Soon Andrew spotted the trampoline bungee ride and wanted to go on it. Andrew is not one to go on these rides, he is very reserved. We thought he'd change his mind when it was his turn but just like a big boy he got on it, got strapped in and went for it. He absolutely loved it. In fact, when he got off he wanted to get right back on. So, he went again and this time did two flips. Atta boy!!

Day 236

8.26.09 - Today Nana & Papa came for a visit and surprised Andrew big time! We drove out to the airport telling him we were going to watch planes land and then we drove over to the terminal to get "a closer look" and low and behold there were Nana & Papa!!