Thursday, February 25, 2010


2.23.10 - I came home to this waiting or me. In fact it was all packaged up and in the car when Blake picked me us up from the aiport. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It was my Valentine's Day present from Blake. How did he know I wanted this??? I told him of course. You know guys aren't mind readers. ;-) But they do listen when you tell them what you want. At least my man does!


2.22.10- Welcome home. Welcome snow. The snow... we didn't miss you all that much but we'll put up with you for a few more months. Andrew helped me shovel the driveway this afternoon. We missed the bulk of the snow and just caught the last few inches. phew!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


2.21.10 - We left first thing in the morning back to Colorado. We had such a wonderful trip and had a lot of fun with the family. I'm sad to leave but excited to get back home and see Blake and sleep in my own bed. We'll be back in a few months!


2.20.10 - It was moving day today. Bittersweet for my sister. Her house finally sold and it is for the best but she loved this beach house dearly. I know it will all work out in the end and it's for the best now but I was sad for her. It's hard to say goodbye to a dream but there are always more dreams to dream and this one didn't work for a reason. Love you sis!

2.19.10 -

2.19.10 - Today we all went to see the movie Percy Jackson's Lightning Thief and spent the rest of the day inside hanging out. It rained in the afternoon and I got super excited! You'd think I was seeing snow for the first time or something. I just haven't seen rain since October or so. In Colorado the first rain of the year is always a happy day for me. I love the snow but am so over it by spring and to see the rain typically means the snow is gone and everything will get green again.


2.18.10 - We went to Avila beach today and let the kids play. Although it was overcast and bit cold they still got in the water and had a blast. Here they are racing towards me. I could take pictures at the beach all day long. Really. All day.

2.16.10 (#2 - filling in for 2.17.10)

2.16.10 - My sister asked me if I wanted my picture taken with Andrew and I said no at first and then thought again and said yes. I need to be in more pictures. I don't want to look back at the pictures of him growing up and not be there. So here we are at the beach! ;)


2.16.10 - We all went to the beach in Pismo today and let the kids get completely soaking wet. No swimsuit for Andrew but he didn't mind. He was over the top excited and I just loved seeing the joy on his face. The beach is such a fun place and this is only his second time being at one. The last time he was 8 months old and I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember. :-) It's great to be here with all the family. I wish Blake could have joined us!


2.15.10 - I love love love the beach. If Blake said lets move to the coast I'd immediately head out to Home Depot and get boxes to start packing. Yes, we'd have to live in a 1000 sq ft. house but when you get to look at something as beautiful as this picture above as often as you'd like it would be all worth it.


2.14.10 - This picture cracks me up! We did get a couple pictures of everyone smiling nicely at the camera but this one is my fav.


2.13.10 - Today Andrew's cousin Caden turned 3!! We went to this awesome place that had so many things for the kids to do. Laser tag, video games, bounce houses & a HUGE slide. Andrew had so much fun and it was great to get to visit for a bit with everyone.


2.12.10 - Before Andrew got sick we had planned on going to CA today but then I pushed it back because of his cough. However, he woke up feeling much better this morning and just coughing a little bit. So, we packed up and went to CA. First stop Nana & Papa's house and then we'll go to Auntie's beach house for a week. Andrew can't wait to go to the beach and "go surfing."


2.11.10 - Andrew was sick again today and didn't make it to his Valentine's Day party at school. We had a Valentine's Day party of our own at home. He painted, made a paper airplane, did Valentine activites and we baked cupcakes.


2.10.10 - Andrew woke up coughing and said he didn't feel good. So he stayed home from school today and we just lounged around watching movies and playing games. No fever or any other symptoms just tired and coughing. Poor kid.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


2.9.10 - Andrew has become the towel folder in our house. He is such a great helper. The other day he was playing Wii downstairs and he came up stairs to ask me to play with him and I told him I couldn't that I had to do the dishes, clean the floors, get dinner ready and dust. I probably threw in a few more things because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I figured he'd just run back downstairs. Nope, instead he says, "Do you need my help?" I was blown away!!! My sweet little helper.


2.8.10- We signed Andrew up for Kindergarten today! (I blocked out the school info for privacy issues) It's hard to believe he is going to a "big boy" school in 6 months. He is more than ready though. I just don't know if I am. :)


2.7.10 - It's Superbowl Sunday! We had a few friends over and celebrated the Saints win. It was so awesome they won and I'm so glad they pulled through!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


2.6.10 - Today was Nikki's 3rd birthday party. Where has the time gone? It seems just like yesterday I was going to the hospital to meet her and see her sweet little face.


2.5.10 - Today my friend Jen came over to work on her bday invites for Miss Kenleigh. I can hardly believe she is 1! I couldn't help snap some pictures of her pushing herself up trying to crawl and she always has a beautiful smile on her face. She is one of the happiest babies ever!


2.4.10 - This morning I worked on the Valentine's Day Treats for Andrews friends. I love the blue, red and pink together!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


2.3.10 - It's my sister's 40th birthday today!! 40? Wow! (sorry sis) It just doesn't seem like we could be this old. Just remember, we are going to blink and be 60 and long for our 30's and 40's. :-)

I mean doesn't it seem like yesterday you we were camping and you were posing on the tree?!? LOL!


2.2.10 - I had my first commercial client today! I was so excited to work with this fun group of people. They are updating their website and needed some nice photos for the new site. It was a great experience and I would to do more jobs like this. :-)

Day 29- 2/1/10

2.1.10 - I can't believe it's already February! Weren't we just unwrapping Christmas presents???

Last year I created love notes for Andrew and Blake as a count down to Valentine's Day and I'm doing the same this year. It's always a good thing to tell those around you just how much you love them and why. Plus Andrew get a treat in his mailbox each day. :-)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 28 - 1/31/10

1.31.10 - Andrew was in the bath last night and I grabbed my camera to get a few shots of him (g rated thank you very much) Is it just me or are his feet just the cutest? I remember when they were so chubby we couldn't find any shoes to feet him besides Robeez. :-)

Day 27- 1/30/10

1.30.10 - We had an early morning photo session for Valentine's Day. To say it was cold was an understatement but we had to take advantage of the beautiful morning sun. It was worth it because I love the way the pictures turned out. :-)