Saturday, October 16, 2010


10.15.10 - Andrew woke up with a 103.5 fever this morning and feeling just awful.  Back to the Dr. we went and got more meds for his croup.  Another day of lounging and playing video games.  Hoping tomorrow is a better day!


10.14.10 - Yes it hurts as bad as it looks.  I got poison oak from my session with Andrew last weekend.  Finally went to the Dr. and got steroids.  This stuff is awful!!


10.13.10 - Andrew woke up super sick this morning, having issues breathing.  We took him in and yep just like we suspected he has croup.  Poor baby.  Lots of lounging was done today.


10.12.10 - Today I worked on treats for Andrew's classmates.  They are having a Fall Festival party and although it's a halloween theme they can't official say "Halloween".  So,  did the same with my treat bags for the kiddos.


10.11.10 -  We got Andrew's school picture today.  I bought the CD of the pic so I could have the digital file. Do you know how hard it was for me to spend money on a school picture?  As you can see not much has changed in the last twenty years with school pictures. Same old boring backdrop and same forced smile.. ugh.  But you have to buy it, right???


10.10.10 - We were supposed to have our family pics taken this morning but instead woke up to this...  Rain.. I'm SO over you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


10.9.10 -  This morning the weather was beautiful but a cold front blew in and it got cold FAST.  So, we headed to the basement to play Wii.... Andrew is so competitive. Hmmm.. not sure where he could get that from.


10.8.10 - Andrew's school invited all moms to the school today for Muffins with Moms.  Andrew drew this picture of me in the mountains and wrote this sentence  "My mom is special to me because.... she takes me to the mountains."  I love it!


10.7.10 -  Sometimes I take the picture of the day and other times I get input from others.  So, tonight when I asked Andrew what our POD should be.. he said, "me chasing you outside."  Outside we went for a little exercise and to get our POD.


10.6.10 - Today is National Walk to School day... thankfully we live extremely close and walk to school just about every day anyway.  It was fun to see everyone biking or walking on the way up to the school.


10.5.10 - Andrew came in with some artwork today.  The art teacher visited their classroom and taught the kids how to make bubble letters.  It's so cute!


10.4.10 (really 10.2.10)-  I couldn't find the picture of the day today but knew I wanted these pics in the album so I'm substituting.  Blake and Andrew wrote a note at the end of the balloon string that said "My name is Andrew and I'm five years old. If you find this balloon please email me your name and where you live."  so far we haven't heard from anyone but Andrew got a kick out of it.


10.3.10 -  Today I met up with another photographer to take her family pictures.  Our session is next weekend. Can't wait!


10.2.10 - I took Andrew's six year pics today and he looks like he is 10 years old in this pictures. Not fair!


10.1.10 -  Hello October... enough said.


9.29.10- just a shot of the boys playing racing cars tonight.


9.28.10 - Meet Flat Stanley.   He came to us all the way from California. We really need to send him back but we are having too much fun. :)


9.27.10 - Change is coming!  Southwest announced today they are buying Air Tran and also hiring pilots.  Yes!!!


9.26.10 -  Today was the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk and we walked on behalf of Kenleighs Kause.  We had an awesome day hanging out with friends.  I left with a full heart and a smile on my face.


9.25.10 -  I'm trying to be better about getting "in the moment" shots of Andrew. Tonight I pulled out the camera during bath time. He still loves his baths but it's probably because they are few and far between.


9.24.10 -  I had a six week old/newborn session today and captured one of my favorite family pictures ever.  I love how the Dad is holding on to his sons hand. So precious!


9.23.10 - Lately Andrew has been writing me little love notes throughout the day and surprising me with them. Isn't it sweet?  He knows how to butter me up pretty easily.


9.22.10- Andrew's school was having a book fair all week and tonight we went to the library and picked out some fun books for Andrew.  Some we will read to him and others he can or will be able to read by himself.